Contractor Agreement

A contractor agreement is a legally binding agreement between a contractor and a client. It outlines the terms and conditions of the project, including payment, responsibilities, and expectations. When hiring an HVAC contractor, it is crucial to have a written contract to ensure that both parties fully understand the scope of the project.

As an HVAC contractor, Evermore Heating and AC Services LLC offers services such as new AC and furnace installations, freon refills, thermostat installations, and AC and furnace tune-ups twice a year. They also provide emergency services for their clients during winter and summer seasons. For new club members, they offer plans that can be inquired through their hotline or Facebook.

When it comes to HVAC consulting, Evermore Heating and AC Services LLC assures clients that they only deploy experienced HVAC professionals who use specialized tools in performing load calculations. Since they have enough knowledge and experience in HVAC installation, they can anticipate issues and address them right away. They also offer on-site or remote load calculations for their customers’ homes, assuring that customers can leave the load calc to their team without worrying.

The terms and conditions of the contract must be clear to both the client and the contractor. The payment terms, work schedule, and expectations of both parties should be included in the contract. Additionally, the contract should specify what kind of equipment will be serviced by the contractor, and whether they will have additional charges for repairs or replacement of parts not included in the initial contract.

In conclusion, having a contractor agreement is essential for both parties when hiring an HVAC contractor. The agreement protects both the client and the contractor and ensures that the project runs smoothly from start to finish. Evermore Heating and AC Services LLC is an excellent choice for HVAC contracting services, as they have the experience and knowledge required to perform the project accurately, and they are willing to provide accurate load calculations for their customers.


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